About me

I have had a passion for computers since my childhood years, when I first used a PC coupled with high speed 56k dial-up Internet access. This awe inspiring first time experience has lead me to pursue a career in Computer and Information Science.

I have always been more of a practical guy. That is why I have sought challenges in solving real life problems. This has lead me to connect my expertise in solving problems with computers, with my second hobby, meteorology. The weather and hidden patterns in its development have always interested me. But as I am not much of a physics guy I have decided to try to be innovative in developing Web based information system for storing and retrieving meteorological data. The system is still running successfully, providing current weather information to interested parties. Not long ago I was sincerely interested in augmented reality. The reason was my first time experience with Microsoft Kinect, which totally blow me away and sparked my inner child just like the first time PC experience. I firmly believe that the future of Human to Machine interaction will be in natural user interface as gestures, instead of keyboard/mouse or touch.

Apart from natural user interfaces, I believe the next big revolution since Internet will be in the intersection between Robotics and Machine learning. This will enable software to actually start eating the real world as was famously described by Marc Andreessen in now infamous article Why Software is Eating the World. The future could not be more exciting as is now from technological stand point of view, one just needs to define his greatest value in all this choices and then bring value to other people by working smart and hard.

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